Vendor Terms & Conditions

Rules All Vendors are required to get the necessary permits and licenses necessary for participating in this event. Contact NYS Dept of Tax and Finance and or NYS Department of Health for specific details. NO TABLES or TENTS PROVIDED Generators must be in good working order. (ie: Must be able to have a conversation near generator without yelling.) Vendors with generators that are considered too loud or in disrepair will be asked to relocate generator, repair, or turn off generator completely and seek an alternative power source at the vendors own expense.Vendors must stay within rented space. Moving out of assigned space during the event without direct permission of event organizers will lead to immediate expulsion from event for 5 years. Unoccupied spaces will be sold at 8:00AM on Saturday unless direct communication is made to organizers. No subletting of spaces. No selling animals, firearms (new used or used) or fireworks. 

No RV parking in vendor space. RV’s must be parked at the Elm Street Firehouse for a separate, additional $25 per night fee. (Contact the Chamber for more information.) If vendors wish to “camp” in space overnight, setup must fit within confines of space rented.No additional lot security is provided. Vendors are responsible for securing items.Vendors are allotted 1 permitted parking space. If additional parking for vehicles, trailers, supply trucks etc. Vendors will be directed overflow lots where a fee maybe charged to park.No dumping of wastewater or grease. All vendors must clean their spaces, remove all garbage and discard in trash cans.

No selling of raffle tickets of any kind without the express written permission of the Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Warrensburg.No water or electricity provided. Vendors hooking up to locations utilities will be charged an additional $150 fee.No parking in space prior setup time. Vendors found in spaces will be charged $150 fine.
No vendor parking allowed on Main Street during the event. No vehicles allowed in spaces. Exceptions made at National Grid location or if you sell directly from the respective unit and have consent to do so from Chamber of Commerce. No harassing staff, volunteers or other vendors. Violation of these terms will lead to denial of any future particpation in this event and any other event sponsored by the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce.



Text: 518-222-4208

Mail: WCOC 3839 Main Street, Warrensburg, NY 12885

Full refunds will only be given if requested before August 1, 2023 less a $25 cancelation fee. Returning vendors from previous year will lose their priority vendor space and be treated as a "New Vendor" the next year. CANCELATION AFTER 8/2/2023. NO REFUNDS GIVEN. CREDIT ONLY FOR NEXT YEARS SHOW.CREDIT ONLY GOOD FOR ONE YEAR. Refunds issued after the event no acceptations.