Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

What CAN'T I sell? 
Animals - the sale of any kind is not permitted Chamber Locations. No acceptations.

GUNS- old or new. No Guns are permitted.

What CAN I sell?
Just about anything besides the items listed above.  New or Used.... clothing, accessories, housewares, home décor, kitchenware, packaged food items, jewelry, rustic furnishings, antiques/collectibles, toys, tools, electronics devices/accessories, handicrafts, sports equipment, health and beauty items, just to name a few....

Food and Alcohol are permitted but do require additional permitting from state and local authorities. 

Do I need a permit? 
YES and NO 

NO, If you are renting your vendor space from the Chamber your permit is included in you rental fees .Apply To be a Vendor

YES, If you are renting from anyone besides the Chamber of Commerce,  you are considered a Private Vendor. You or the property owner is required to purchase an IPP Permit from the Warrensburg Town Clerk prior to the sale. $50 for Street vendors,$100 for food Vendors, Multiple spaces need multiple permits.

Download IPP Permit  send to Warrensburg Town Hall with a check or money order in advance to:

Emmerson Town Hall
ATTN Town Clerk
3797 Main Street
Warrensburg NY 12885

Do I need Vendor Insurance? 
Yes, if you are renting any space at any location a $1,000,000 Vendor liability policy is required. A certificate of insurance must be sent prior to the event Naming the Warrenburg Chamber of Commerce as insured. 

Email to:

Mail to:
Warrenburg Chamber of Commerce
3839 Main St.
Warrenburg NY 12855

What is Vendor Insurance?
Vendor liability insurance is a short-term general liability policy designed to help vendors and exhibitors cover the cost of third-party claims of injury or property damage. EX: If a gust of wind knocks your tent into another vendor’s booth, damaging their tent and display, your policy could help cover the costs of repairs. Or, if someone trips on your display and breaks their ankle, your coverage may help you pay for their medical bills.

I don't have Insurance. What do I do? How Do I get a Certificate of Insurance? A Certificate of Insurances or COI can be obtained by contacting your current insurance company and discussing what is cowered under your existing policy or contacting an insurance company who specializes in event insurance. We recommend  ACT Insurance, they specialize in event specific affordable event insurance,

Is there additional security at vendor locations?
Yes, the Warren County Sheriff's Department will have a visible presence at the Garage Sale.  The New York State Police, Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Department will also be on standby.  Additional coverage is provided to a limited extent by town officials and event staff. All Vendors are responsible for items and incidents at locations rented for the duration of the event.

Is there water or electricity provided? 
No, there is no water of electricity provided at the vendor spaces. Small suitcase generators are ok.

I'm not a professional vendor, can I come to the sale? 
Yes, however you are still required to make arrangements for your own vendor space. You must file the appropriate applications and have the  permits, certificates and insurance whatever is applicable to your individual situation. The responsibility for compliance is entirely yours. Call the Chamber for details. 518-623-2161

What permits do I need if I sell food? 
Food vendor will need all the appropriate permits and certificated as required by the State of New York and Board of Health. The permits and certificates must be valid for the state and county in which the event is being held. Visit NYS Board of health for More information

Where can I stay? 
There are numerous accommodations within a 20 mile radius of the Garage Sale, including Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfast, Airbnb, Housekeeping Cottages, Cabins, Campgrounds, and RV Parks. Use this link to find the latest listings!

Can I camp at my site? 
Yes, you can "camp" at your vendor space In a tent.  There are no showers, electricity or running water. No camp fires in spaces. No grills in locations.

Can I park My RV in my spot? 
No, you cannot park your RV in or at your vendor space.  RV owners can park for the weekend at the Warrensburg Volunteer Fire Company on Elm street for a small fee. Contact Fire at (518) 623-9766

Where do I park? 
Each vendor will be issued one parking. Overflow parking available at Warrenburg High School. Garage Sale Shuttles available 8:30AM - 4:30PM Saturday and Sunday.       

Updated 1/8/2024