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Do you sell antiques, new merchandise or arts and crafts or anything between? The World Largest Garage Sale is the place to be! For over 40years, The World's Largest Garage Sale transforms the picturesque town of Warrensburg, NY into a family friendly shopping extravaganza! Our town-wide sale stretches over 5 square miles and attracts thousands of shoppers each year who are shopping for any and all types of merchandise. The Warrensburg Chamber has over 200 space in five different locations available to rent for our weekend long event. With multiple sizes and price points we can find a location to fit every type of vendor!

VENDORS Completed applications with full payment are required to reserve a vendor space. New vendors may submit an application at anytime. New vendor assignment begins June 1, 2020. We recommend applying as early as possible. A wait list for spaces is available. If you don't obtain a space your payment will be refunded by November 1, 2020.



2020 Vendor Application

RETUNING VENDORS - Completed applications with full payment must be received by April 31, 2020 for reassignment of 2019 spaces. Every effort is made to honor assignment requests however, exact placement of 2019 spaces is not guaranteed. After deadline has passed space assignment is on a first come first serve basis. Returning vendors who have requested a new space will have priority for reassignment over new vendors until April 31, 2020.

NEW VENDORS - Completed applications with full payment are required to reserve a vendor space. New vendor assignment begins June 1, 2020.

Business Name:




Part 2

*Are you a returning vendor?:

If YES, would you like to be assigned your 2019 space?:

*Are You a Food Vendor?:

Are you a Cooking vendor or Snack Food Vendor (nuts, ice cream, popcorn, etc.?:

Do you have an additional trailer or vehicle you use for storing supplies?:

*Check the category that best describes the merchandise you are selling and describe items.:


Part 3

Indicate size and number of spaces needed. If your setup is larger than the specified space additional spaces are required. Electricity and water not provided.

Non-Food Vendor Locations:
# of Spaces:

Food Vendor Locations:
# of Spaces:

Part 5 - Rules and Regulations

The following rules are to be adhered to with no exceptions. Violators will be asked to leave immediately and not be invited to participate in any future Chamber of Commerce sponsored events. Application must be filled out completely, signed and returned with full payment for application to be processed.

  • Rain or shine event. Full refunds must be requested in writing no later than August 1, 2020. Refund after that date will only be given if space can be resold. A cancellation processing fee of $25 will be deducted from all refunds in addition to: 25% deducted on or before 9/7/2020. 50% deducted on or before 9/14/2020. 75% deducted on or before 9/21/2020. No refunds given after 9/21/2020. Any refund will be issued after event.

  • Vendors must stay within rented space. Moving out of assigned space during the event without direct permission of event organizers will lead to immediate expulsion from event for 5 years.

  • Unoccupied spaces will be sold at 8:00AM on Saturday unless direct communication is made to organizers.

  • No subletting of spaces

  • Selling animals, firearms (new used or used) or fireworks is prohibited.

  • No vehicles allowed in spaces. Exceptions made at National Grid location only. Vehicles are allowed if you sell directly from the respective unit and have consent to do so from Chamber of Commerce.

  • NO RV parking in vendor space. RV’s must be parked at the Elm Street Firehouse for a separate, additional $25 per night fee. (Contact the Chamber for more information.) If vendors wish to “camp” in space overnight, setup must fit within confines of space rented.

  • No additional lot security is provided. Vendors are responsible for securing items. Most vendor spaces are equipped with limited parking lot lights.

  • Vendors are allotted 1 permitted parking space. If additional parking for vehicles, trailers, supply trucks etc. Vendors will be directed overflow lots where a fee maybe charged to park.

  • No dumping of waste water or grease. All vendors must clean their spaces, remove all garbage and discard in trash cans.

  • No selling of raffle tickets of any kind without the express written permission of the Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Warrensburg.

  • Generators must be in good working order. (ie: Must be able to have a conversation near generator without yelling.) Vendors with generators that are considered too loud or in disrepair will be asked to relocate generator, repair or turn off generator completely and seek an alternative power source at the vendors own expense.

  • NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY PROVIDED. Vendors hooking up to locations utilities will be charged an additional $150 fee


  • No parking in space prior setup time. Vendors found in spaces will be charged $150 fee.

  • No vendor parking allowed on Main Street during the event.

You, the vendor, are responsible for obtaining and or displaying any or all documentation required by State and Local authorities, including a current valid NYS Tax ID. Food vendors are responsible for obtaining and displaying a current valid Health Certificates. There is no security provided for your property or merchandise. We reserve the right to place you or reassign you in any available space. We reserve the right to deny any vendor to participate in this event or future events if they act inappropriately or with ill intent towards the organizers of this event or other vendors.The Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in the exhibit, and is hereby discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property that may be sustained while on the premises of the exhibit area.

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read and accept the above terms and conditions vendors will receive a confirmation packet with additional information and space assignment when application has been processed. Do not assume you have been accepted as vendor until your confirmation packet has been received.

*Vendor Signature:

You will be rediredcted to PAYPAL to complete your transaction. (You do not need a PayPal accout)



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